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We provide Next-day , Emergency Same-Day,  and Saturday Installations for your convenience.  Regardless of your flooring needs, we can ensure you that your units will be ready for move-in within 24 hours of your phone call even if it’s on a Saturday.  With over 70 Central Florida Installation Crews, we’re sure to be able to meet all of your flooring needs.


Our installers are prompt, efficient and highly skilled in flooring installation.  From the moment a House of Floors uniformed installer arrives on your property, you can be assured that they will conduct themselves professionally and with as little disruption as possible to your property’s residents and to your staff.  Best of all, you can rely on the quality of our work.  Fully licensed and bonded, we offer a lifetime installation warranty for the life of our service agreement.


You may at any time request a particular installer that you are very pleased with.  Make your request for that installer when placing your order.  We are also equipped with a 24-hour live answering service - great for emergencies!

Service Listing

  • Emergency Same Day Installation

  • Guaranteed Next Day Installation

  • Free Weekend Installations

  • 24-Hour On Call Service

  • Statewide Pricing

  • Online Web Tools for Expense Control

  • On-Site Training Facility

Installation Services

  • 350 Statewide Certified Installers

  • Quality Control Inspections

  • Commercial / Residential

  • Fully Licensed & Bonded

  • OPS & Compliance Depot Approved

  • Lifetime Installation Warranty

  • Basic and Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Statewide installations



Does your carpet company provide you with licensed, insured, uniformed installers?

Each one of our 350 installation crews are prompt, efficient and highly skilled in flooring installations. From the moment a House of Floors uniformed installer arrives on your property, you can be assured that they will conduct themselves professionally and with as little disruption as possible to your property's residents and to your staff. Best of all, you can rely on the quality of our work. Our installers are fully licensed and bonded.

Does the company that you currently use have a quality assurance program to ensure consistent quality work, every time? 

House of Floors has a quality assurance program to ensure we meet or exceed quality assurance standards. Our installers are consistently evaluated on every aspect of their work, from their appearance, to timeliness and quality of installation. If you choose House of Floors, you can rely on the quality of our work to be done right the first time... every time

Does the company you are currently with, offer online, fax, phone and email ordering? Does your flooring company offer you online reporting capabilities that allow you to manage all of your ordering history? 

House of Floors appreciates how important your time is; therefore we strive to make every interaction with us as seamless as possible. We give every customer the ability to order in the way that is most convenient to them. 24/7 Online, over the phone, via email, or via fax, we will take your order accurately and professionally no matter the modality you choose. Do you ever come across a situation where a renter didn’t care for their flooring and it did not last its entire lifespan? Have you ever had to determine what the prorated amount would be? Do you ever just need information about what was done and when? We have you covered! With a few simple clicks, you can access your Order History, Invoice History, and even Pro-Rate the cost of the carpet to charge back the resident who damaged it.

Do you have multiple properties in the state of Florida? Are you serviced without additional trip charges or fees? 

With 8 locations across the state of Florida, we cover from the panhandle, to sunny Miami and every area in-between with absolutely no trip charges. No matter the time constraints you are faced with, we will provide our excellent service every time! Can the company you are currently using offer you same day and next day service? House of Floors provides “Same day”, “Next day”, “Emergency” and “Saturday” services to meet all of your flooring needs for the same low price. We’ll even install on Sunday if you need us too. Does the company you use have a fully stocked warehouse to meet ALL of your flooring needs? If you need something done now or in 6 months, we are ready and waiting with a fully stocked warehouse and showroom to provide you with the best in quality and service according to your schedule and always at the same low rate. Don’t worry, if something needs to be special ordered, we can handle that too!



Extended Services

Carpet Repairs, Patches & Re-Stretches

We offer a “lifetime” installation warranty for the convenience of both you and your residents. If any of our installations need a repair due to normal everyday wear and tear – we will honor the repair free of charge for the entire life of our service agreement. We will honor repairs, re-stretches, and other common installation failures that occur over the life of the carpet regardless of timeframe.


If the carpet or vinyl has failed from a flood or any other non-claimable defect – we will be happy to provide an estimate to repair those also. We will provide a verbal or written estimate before proceeding with any work so that we can ensure a comfortable level of service.

Subfloor Repairs

Cracked or soft gypcrete may result from structural problems, or may become a common occurrence as your property continues to age.  We handle various degrees of subfloor repairs by providing free on-site estimates prior to installation. For more information, please read our subfloor brochure included in this proposal.

Enzyme Treatments

Pets have become a integral part of your resident and potential residents lifestyle habits. In leasing today it is apparent that your occupancy rates may need to adopt a pet policy. Have no fear, we can help! We offer complete enzyme treatments used to eliminate odors and slab staining from common everyday pet damage.



Over the past few years several large Management Companies and National REITS have adopted some form of verification for using contractor and trades for construction projects, simple property upgrades, or everyday supplier services. “Compliance Depot” and “RMIS – Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc.” are two companies that provide a verification  service to ensure that every contractor on your properties meets or exceeds all of your Corporate Requirements for Insurance and Trade Guidelines.

We at House of Floors believe that these services, despite the fees which are charged to both the Supplier and the Management Company, are genuinely a “good thing”. We feel that by mandating compliance among  contractors, it both levels the playing field for competition, and also ensures that every supplier plays by the same rules. 

You may find yourselves asking why does all this really matter to me?

It is a good question, and one that we think you need to understand.

If an un-insured or non-licensed subcontractor is on your property and either damages your property or the property of one of your residents, you will most likely be the one whom is held responsible. It is also not unrealistic to think that the subcontractor could be involved in a traffic accident on your property, perhaps with a resident’s vehicle. 

What is potentially the most dangerous, and poses the heaviest liability, is when an un-insured subcontractor on your property hurts himself, or your resident. If a subcontractor hurts himself or one of your residents, on your property and is desperate to pay for his/her medical bills, he or she may try and recoup this money by administering a lawsuit against your property or the Management Company. The lengths of the lawsuit will be commensurate with the extent of the injury, however with the current economy; “Slip and Fall” claims are abundant. Because compliance service companies like “Compliance Depot” or “RMIS” have only verified the Contractors Requirements, the subcontractor falls through the loophole and poses as an enormous liability.

So how do we ensure that you have compliant subcontractors on your property?

For the past 12 years we have had our own internal Subcontractor Payroll Compliance Department. We constantly monitor every one of our 350 statewide subcontractors to make sure that they not only meet your vendor requirements, but also our extremely stringent requirements within the guidelines of Florida Law. Each of our subcontractors must have and posses at all times a valid Florida Drivers License, General Liability Insurance in excess of $500,000 with a Waiver of Subrogation. They also must have an “Active” company registered with the state of Florida Division of Corporations, a Valid Workers Compensation policy, and a county Occupational license. We also mandate US Citizenship documents if not a legal resident.

Why do we do this? 

We do this because it is our reputation at stake, and we not only want to protect ourselves, but also your property. Our internal compliance department is one of the reasons why we are not always the lowest cost. We always provide the most competitive pricing available and we will never lose a customer due to price, however being compliant and having the proper legal documentation in place does have a cost. 

As companies try to sustain at lower profit margins and the competition heats up, some suppliers look to lower costs – first and foremost LABOR. It is the Contractors job to provide legal, licensed, subcontractors on your property, and if they do not – you are at serious risk. If you have questions or feel as though you may not have compliant installers servicing your account, ask the subcontractors on your property for documentation. If they do not supply it to you, contact either the Florida Division of Corporations, Workers Compensation, or US Department of Immigration and Natural Citizenship. This will ensure that you will not be subject to either illegal workforce or un-insured subcontractors.

Installer Compliance
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